Jerry Hall has hit out at ''idiotic older women'' for turning themselves into ''pathetic, insecure creatures'' by having surgery.

The 58-year-old actress has slammed ''normal women'' who go under the knife in an attempt to improve their looks because she doesn't understand why they want to risk their lives by transforming into ''a grotesque caricature'' of themselves.

She said: ''Older women aren't valued, because they can't procreate, right? But they should be valued for their experience, wisdom and power.

''So it's idiotic when they risk their lives to have surgery. Every time you have anesthesia you're killing a lot of brain cells - why would you do that? You could get infections, you could die.

''Why make yourself look a grotesque caricature of yourself? They don't fool anyone. They look like pathetic, insecure creatures. I loathe the whole thing.

''I don't mean to be critical, and I understand actresses feel the pressure in Hollywood, they have to do it. I respect that and I feel sorry that they have to.

''But for normal women to do it? If men want to leave their wife for a 19 year old, they're gonna do it anyway. All the facelifts and Botox in the world isn't going to change that guy, you know?''

Jerry's comments come after she left ex-husband Sir Mick Jagger when he fathered a child, Lucas - who is now 15 years old - with Brazilian model Luciana Morad, and while she is still good friends with The Rolling Stones frontman, the former model admits she doesn't want to spend her ''old age'' with him.

The blonde star - who has children, Elizabeth, 30, James, 29, Georgia May, 22, and 16-year-old Gabriel with Mick - added to HELLO! magazine: ''I left him. He was begging me to stay. He never left me. He was unfaithful to the point where he had a baby. That was too much.

''It was exhausting. But we're still friends. I genuinely like him - he's funny, he's clever, he tries this best and he is also a great father.

''Why would I want to make trouble? I chose really well - my children are smart, beautiful and talented, so I feel no regrets.

''But he's not the sort of person I want to spend my old age with. Life changes and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Why shouldn't life change? Move on.''