Popular Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, the man behind one of the most popular shows in American comedy, has announced a live show to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I grew up on Long Island, and New York City is home," Seinfeld, 58, said in a statement. "This is a tough time for this area, and we're just glad to be able to help in the recovery."  Born in Brooklyn but raised in Massapequa, Seinfeld will perform with opening act Colin Quinn Dec. 19, at 7 p.m. at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, with all proceeds donated to local relief organizations. Tickets for the event go on sale Nov. 30, and will likely be very popular considering his last set of live shows, two of which - currently sold out - have been converted into hurricane benefits, which basically means instead of buying expensive coffee with the money, they'll give it away. 

Other celebrities dedicated to the cause of helping out their native America include Lady GaGa; the extravagant hitmaker has pledged to donate $1m, saying on her website: "If it wasn't for NYC . . . I would not be the woman or artist that I am today . . . Please accept this gift on behalf of myself, my parents Joe and Cynthia [Germanotta], and my sister Natali; with our deepest gratitude New York for raising us. Thank you for helping me build my spirit. I will now help you rebuild yours."