Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has said he feels today’s kids don’t understand the true meaning of the words 'racist' and 'sexist'. Speaking on ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd, the comedian also blasted college campus’ for their 'political correctness'.

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld will not be playing your college anytime soon.

"I don't play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me 'Don't go near colleges. They’re so PC,” the 61 year old comedian said. “[The younger generation] just want to use these words, ‘That’s racist, that’s sexist, that’s prejudice.’ They don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

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As an example, Seinfeld then told a story about an incident with his 14 year old daughter. “My wife says to [my 14-year-old daughter], ‘Well, you know, in the next couple of years, I think maybe you’re going to want to be hanging around the city more on the weekends, so you can see boys.’ And you know what my daughter says? She says, ‘That’s sexist.'”

The topic then came up again when the comedian appeared on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’. When the host quizzed the comedian on his experiences with being told he’s crossed a line, Seinfeld told Meyers, "They keep moving the lines in for no reason.”

”I do this joke about the way people need to justify their cell phone: 'I need to have it with me because people are so important.' I say, 'Well, they don't seem very important the way you scroll through them like a gay French king.’”

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“When the joke wasn't well-received, "I thought, are you kidding me?" This is a serious thing — I could imagine a time when people say, 'Well, that's offensive to suggest that a gay person moves their hands in a flourishing motion, and you now need to apologise, he added. "There’s a creepy PC thing out there that really bothers me.”

Watch Jerry Seinfeld talk on Late Night With  Seth Meyers here: