If you’ve ever thought your conversations about nothing were lacking something, then you’ll be happy to know that a range of unofficial Seinfeld emojis have been added to the App Store.

SeinfeldSeinfeld ads on the NYC subway (Getty/Rob Kim)

The emojis come from the popular Seinfeld revival Twitter account, @Seinfeld2000, which is run by Jason Richards. To do the project, he recruited designer Kevin McCauley to draw about five Seinfeld emojis. McCauley did about 20, because he’s a huge Seinfeld fan and, presumably, he just couldn’t stop himself. This is when Shahruz Shaukat, a developer at BuzzFeed, got involved and helped the duo get these Emojis from conception to completion. 

"It’s a real thing that people will actually be able to use," Shaukat told Mashable. "It will let people use these on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Messages, Mail and so on." But right now, the emojis are contained within a special app and aren’t integrated into the iOS keyboard. 

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"It’s very limiting what Apple (or even Android) lets us do with emoji, mostly for technical reasons," added Shaukat. "We came up with a unique approach stays within the rules and what’s technically capable, but still lets people use them however they want and share wherever they want." You can just upload Seinfeld Emojis on to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts, though. And you can send messages via the app through iMessage, etc. 

Earlier in July, when the Emojis were mooted but not confirmed, Richards said: "My self-imposed mission statement is to continuously find ways to marry Seinfeld to things that are current or modern.  "It really couldn't have gone any better," he added. McCauley said: "I was a huge fan, so when [Richards] contacted me, I was just really excited. Especially the chance to work on something with him because I think he's just so creative and hilarious." The duo connected with developer Shahruz Shaukat, and the team developed the app.