The magic that is Seinfeld is about to be introduced to a whole new demographic... if the terms can be negotiated. Basically, several online providers are said to be in the running to acquire the streaming rights to the NBC show and the rumoured amount is kind of insane. 

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld is about to become a Hulu (or Amazon) staple.

As in $100 million insane. Amazon and Hulu are both allegedly in negotiations with Sony to release the full catalogue of episodes. The NBC hit has had limited exposure online through airings on Sony's Crackle, which is ad supported and only has a handful of episodes available at any given time.

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The Wall Street Journal noted Friday that Sony is aiming for the "Seinfeld" sale price to top the estimated $500,000 per episode that Netflix paid last year for rights to another NBC comedy classic, "Friends." Details on the sale are still sketchy but it is expected to be the entire library of 172 episodes, which ran on NBC from 1989 through 1998.

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The Seinfeld negotiations follow right on the heels of a hugely successful deal between Sony and Hulu over the broadcasting rights for CSI. Meanwhile, Neflix recently acquired the rights to Friends, sparking a trend for Hollywood's majors to more aggressively shop shows that are outside the typical drama lineup, which has so far driven Netflix's expansion.