We could all soon be enjoying the luxury of watching our favourite episodes of ‘Seinfeld’ whenever we wish, as the series is reportedly close to inking a deal with an online streaming service. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony Pictures Television is in advanced talks to sell reruns of the series to an online video service, with a deal possibly being reached within a matter of weeks.

Jerry SeinfeldSeinfeld could soon be availble to stream at your pleasure

Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo are said to be among the bidders for the sitcom, while Netflix has apparently passed after taking a “hard look at the series last year”. But whoever decides to purchase 'the show about nothing’ wont be getting a bargain, as sources report the deal could fetch a price well north of half a million dollars per episode.

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‘Seinfeld’ ran for 180 episodes and 9 seasons before bowing out in 1998 and moving into the world of syndication. The series’ syndication success was so that, according to Variety, TV stations wound up paying more to renew the rerun rights than they did in the first round of dealmaking.

In 2010, Warner Brothers said the series had generated nearly three billion in syndication revenue, some of which goes to creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David who are also profit participants in the show.

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Last year when Netflix acquired another classic 90s sitcom, 'Friends', from Warner Bros. it reportedly paid more than $500,000 per-episode. But according to the WSJ, a person with knowledge of the 'Seinfeld' deal has said Sony is seeking a higher price for the series than what Warner Bros wound up receiving for ‘Friends’.