Appetites were well and truly whetted; the rumor mill was in full flow. Yes, the sighting of Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander – stars of America’s favorite comedy, Seinfeld – outside Tom’s Café in New York brought back the hysteria of the 90s sitcom, as fans and media outlets alike attempted to guess the reason behind their meeting.

Jerry SeinfeldIf the 'comeback' was a litmus test for a real reunion, don't expect to see the gang together anytime soon

But the Comedians in Cars/Seinfeld/Superbowl advert mash-up – is it turned out to be – wasn’t brilliant. It’s difficult to pin why or how it wasn’t brilliant, but something was amiss. Perhaps it was the hype: Jerry was answering questions when he appeared on WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton” show, hinting at the project.

This gave us the following information: It’s “not not those things,” - either Seinfeld's latest project, CCC, or an advert for the Superbowl, which Seahawks dominated, by the way. “It’s a secret project,” Seinfeld confirmed at the time. Larry David was involved – he wasn’t on camera, his voice wasn’t heard. We were promised to see whatever we thought it was, “very soon”. It’s a one-and-done project, and it’s longer than 60 seconds. Jason Alexander played George, his character from Seinfeld. It was shot in more locations than just the coffee shop.

This got people thinking that a full-blown reunion was on the cards, when in fact all we got was a one-minute (alright, just over 60-seconds) snippet of some fairly over-acted, over-egged Seinfeld fodder. The secret project has been and gone, and we’re still hungry for more. What did you think of the qausi-Seinfeld reunion? Was it just the right amount for you to go back and relive the 90s hubris? Or are you left feeling sad, empty and alone? Have a vote in our poll below.

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