The ‘Seinfeld’ reunion, that everybody knew was coming but wasn't sure what exactly it would be, turned out to be a whole lot of not much in the end. Excited fans felt more than a bit let down when a just over 60 second spot aired during the Superbowl on Sunday.

Jerry Seinfeld, the sitcom's creator and star, kept fans guessing over reunionJerry Seinfeld, the sitcom's creator and star, kept fans guessing over reunion

A few weeks ago everybody seemed to be buzzing with anticipation, when stars Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander, were spotted at Tom’s Restaurant in New York, yes the restaurant which was better known to fans of the show as Monk’s Cafe. The pictures of Jerry and George, sorry Jason, together got everybody wondering if it was finally happening, a fully fledged 'Seinfeld' reunion. Typically, Jerry himself didn't do much to stop speculation, he even told fans it was not an episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffees’ or a Superbowl ad but it wasn't “NOT those things either!”  Well sadly, it turned out it was.

The big secret was not so big at all, with the so-called ‘Seinfeld’ reunion amounting to a just over 60 second spot which saw Jerry and George talking over a cup of coffee before being interrupted by Jerry’s much detested neighbour Newman. The pair tried their best at recapturing the flashes of brilliance that made Seinfeld one the the defining sitcoms of the 90s, but it all just fell a bit flat. Plus there was no Elaine and no Kramer.

Anyone still holding out hope that this was simply a precursor to something much bigger had their hopes dashed by Jerry Seinfeld the following moring, who appeared on 'CBS This Morning'  to answer wether or not a bigger reunion was coming. The comedian said, "we were all on the show and we did reunite, but it's not the usual, horrible, director's chairs – everybody's there, 'Oh my God, they got so old.’” He went on to add that he knows people want a reunion, and so does he but, "my theory of entertainment is, do not give the public what it wants.The idea is to leave the audience wanting more. When people stop asking you for the reunion, then you know you’ve blown it.”

Jason Alexander, who play George in the series appeared in the 60 second shortJason Alexander, who play George in the series appeared in the 60 second short

However despite the disappointment everyone seems to be still checking out the latest chapter of Seinfeld. The full six-minute episode  of the George-Jerry reunion has crossed the 1 million viewer mark on Another thing the spot did accomplish was driving more traffic to Seinfeld’s web series with  the rest of the "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" shows having garnered more than 25 million streams. It’s just a pity we had got our hopes up.