Jerry Springer's attempts to humiliate the Bronies may have been foiled by the Bronies themselves. Ok. rewind. you don't know what a Bronie is?? Geez, you are so last season. A 'Brony,' according to, who have reported on Springer being rumbled in his attempts to mock them, is an "adult internet nerd" who loves My Little Pony. Who'd have thought those colourful plastic ponies that we played with in our youth, with their lovely glossy hair and their big adoring eyes would have spawned their own internet sensation?
The Brony sensation is in fact so widespread that, earlier this month, 4,000 Bronies (mostly men, it would appear), descended on Seacaucus, New Jersey, for Bronycon. Associated Press attended the event and pretty soon, various quarters of the world's media were lining up to have a dig at these chaps and their unusual hobby. Howard Stern wasted no time in mocking these innocent toy fanatics and spent a hefty chunk of his radio show making fun of them, a few weeks ago. And now, Jerry Springer has put out a call, via Twitter, for eager Bronies to appear on his show. These pony lovers are too long in the tooth to fall for that one though and they've put up a united front against Springer's attempts to infiltrate their subculture.
A message was hastily posted on the computer gaming platform, Steam, which read "FLIM FLAM ALERT! The Jerry Springer Show is evidently looking for bronies to appear on their broadcast. DON'T FALL FOR IT. They aren't trying to give positive exposure to fans of My Little Pony. They're trying to mock us. If Jerry Springer, or Howard Stern, or any similar broadcaster contacts you or a friend, asking you to appear on a show about bronies, say NO and don't let them persuade you. They're just out to make us all look bad." There you go Springer. 'Flim Flam alert' has been called. You have been warned.