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MTV Bringing Back 'Jersey Shore' In 2018 With All But One Original Castmate

Jersey Shore

Back in 2009, MTV struck gold in America when they decided to take a look into the lives of several big personalities hailing from New Jersey, bringing them all to the small screen and forcing them to live in the same house, in a reality show like none we'd ever seen before.

Snooki is amongst the stars returning for a new season of 'Jersey Shore'Snooki is amongst the stars returning for a new season of 'Jersey Shore'

Whilst cast member Angelina Pivarnick didn't manage to control her temper long enough to stay for the entire original run, the show did make stars out of Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, Paul 'Pauly D' DelVecchio and late arrival, Deena Nicole Cortese.

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Jenni JWoWW Farley - A host of celebrities turned out for the New York premiere of the new horror/comedy movie 'Jersey Shore Massacre' at AMC Lincoln Square Theater - Red Carpet Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 19th August 2014

Jersey Shore and Jenni Jwoww Farley

JWoww Reveals She Thought She Had Miscarried, But Is Ecstatic About This Pregnancy

Jersey Shore Jenni Farley

Jenny Farley, better known as JWoww to Jersey Shore fans, is opening up about her pregnancy, and couldn't be more excited. In her blog, she revealed the moment when she found out she would be a mom, and why there was a point she thought it had all ended.

Jenni FarleyJWoww shows up at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

"I took a pregnancy test and had a faint line," she said. "I was totally confused so I showed Roger and made him buy two more tests. Both times I got faint lines but they were barely visible so I still wasn't sure. I looked up everything online and swore I was pregnant but Roger was still skeptical."

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Duck Dynasty's Fourth Season Premiere Shatters Reality TV Records

Morrissey Jon Gosselin Jersey Shore

Duck Dynasty has made history, breaking records by becoming the most-watched non-fiction series broadcast in the history of cable television. The fourth season premiere was broadcast on Wednesday night (14th August) at 10pm. According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode 'Till Duck Do Us Part' attracted an audience of 11.8 million viewers. This marks a 37% increase on the number of viewers who tuned in to watch the season three premiere (approximately 8.62 million). 

Korie and Willie Robertson
Korie and Willie Robertson at the 48th American Country Music Awards, held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The record-breaking episode has knocked the tabloid fuelled antics of MTV's Jersey Shore and TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 -who previously competed before for the most-watched - off the top spot. 

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Pauly D New Hair Shocks The Jersey Shore Star's Remaining Fans

Paul Delvecchio Jersey Shore

Pauly D new hair is a thing everyone should apparently care about, so close all other tabs and read on. The Jersey Shore star has apparently switched out his blown out, gelled up do in favor of a more mature (but equally as gelled up) style, which he debuted on his Instagram this week. The style admittedly looks more mature though, and Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio still manages to rock it. We’re wondering if he’s left the fist pumping in the past as well.

That seems to be a trend among the “guidos” and “guidettes” of the Jersey Shore. Snooki has reinvented herself as a more responsible, more driven lady, and a mom and that, along with a transformation, which she came out of with a whole new slim body. Mike, aka The Situation, has sobered up. And now Pauly D looks like a grown up.

Pauly D, MTV VMA 2012
Now picture him without about 3 inches of hair.

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After The Jersey Shore Finale Snooki Plans On Spending A Peaceful Family Christmas

Nicole Polizzi Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore might be over, but star housemate who hasn’t been moping about it Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi .

The self-proclaimed “guidette”, who has built an image on her questionable at the best of times behaviour, will be spending a surprisingly traditional Christmas, according to MTV. She has been preparing for the holiday for a while now – since before Thanksgiving apparently. The holiday spirit has definitely taken over the non-traditional household.

"I did all my shopping in November, because I was so excited," Snooks gushed about the upcoming festivities. "Decorations have been up since November, so even before Thanksgiving, so I've been having Christmas for two months now," she told MTV.

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West Virginia Senator Requests "Travesty" 'Buckwild' Be Cancelled

Jersey Shore Alana Thompson

'Buckwild' is an American reality TV show that has been described as the meeting of Honey Boo-Boo Child and Jersey Shore, and has been greatly criticised by West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin, because it panders to "ugly, inaccurate stereotypes" of his home state.

Buckwild follows a group of West Virginia teens who "share a deep pride in contemporary small-town American life and a passion for living it to the fullest, while making up their own rules as they go," a press release said. Before it's production even started the show came under criticism and a PhD candidate, Jinny Turman-Deal, reported by The DA said: "Honestly, I think people have a reason to be concerned. The characters of these shows are usually the most eccentric and don't represent the whole population. I know a lot of people from New Jersey who resent 'Jersey Shore,'" she said. "But, hopefully there's something deeper to this show, and it doesn't simply reinforce a stereotype." 

The Senator himself said "As a proud West Virginian, I am writing to formally request that you put a stop to the travesty called 'Buckwild'... Instead of showcasing the beauty of our people and our state, you preyed on young people, coaxed them into displaying shameful behavior -- and now you are profiting from it. That is just wrong." Adding, "I hope that as you consider your decision, that you would consider your own state, your own community and your own children. Would you try to portray them in this light?"

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'Jersey Shore' Cast's Shock At Hurricane Sandy's Devastation On 'Restore The Shore'

Nicole Polizzi Jersey Shore MTV Amy Paffrath

Following the destructive effects of Hurricane Sandy on the coastlines of New York and New Jersey, MTV launched a new show 'Restore the Shore' featuring the cast of 'Jersey Shore' witnessing the devastation of the reality show set.

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was on the verge of tears as she was flown over the wreckage of Seaside Heights in a helicopter for the show, feeling deep regret for all that was lost of her reality show life. Pauly D and other members of the show also struggled to contain their shock. 'I'm looking at it and I still can't believe it's real', Pauly said when he visited the boardwalk. 'Now here is something that we've partied on, walked on, danced on, did everything on, it's just a happy place, and to see it gone, it's like dead silence.' 

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino was noticeably missing from the rather miserable reunion, but Vinny Guadagnino took the time to talk to those who had lost their homes and lives due to the effects of the storm. 'Honestly, Sway, seeing and talking to those people, I didn't know how to react to somebody who just lost everything', he said to the 'Restore the Shore' hosts Sway Calloway and Amy Paffrath. 'Grown people, grown men crying right next to me, and what can you say to somebody who just lost their entire life?'

Nelly, Jersey Shore and The Tiny - Nelly the Dog has become somewhat of a local attraction, having been seen being cuddled by various members of the 'Jersey Shore' cast on numerous occasions. Nelly belongs to the owners of Florence Curiousity Shop, which is right next door to the O' Vesuvio pizza shop where the cast were working during their stay in the city. While at first tourists flocked to see the cast of the popular TV show, there are now just as many people coming to catch a glimpse of the tiny dog, from as far afield as Pisa! Florence, Italy - Pictured: The Florence Curiosity Shop Friday 17th June 2011

Nelly, Jersey Shore and The Tiny

Video - Deena Nicole Cortese And Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Are Spotted Acting Drunk And Disorderly On The Streets Of Florence, Exactly What The Mayor Of The City Was Afraid Of (Part 1)

Deena Nicole Cortese and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi are spotted acting drunk and disorderly on the streets of Florence, exactly what the mayor of the city was afraid of. The pair arrived at Astor Cafe in high spirits, having been drinking all evening yesterday. They headed straight to the back of the venue, where they were seen staggering around while trying to dance. Every so often, they came outside for cigarettes, but appeared very unsteady on their feet, so sat down to smoke instead of standing up. They eventually left just after 4pm, having been steadily drinking inside the whole afternoon, but when Deena saw twins Erica and Brittany Taltos enjoying a quiet drink outside the venue, she got very upset and started shouting abuse at them, branding them stalkers, even though the twins had arrived at the cafe before Deena and Snooki. Having finished swearing at the girls, Deena and Snooki attempted to make the short walk back to the house, while shouting abuse at passersby and locals. Deena was heard to shout, "I hate this f**king city" while Snooki kept her face hidden underneath a baseball cap. However the pair could not hide the fact they were intoxicated, with Snooki falling over on her back multiple times, leaving her with a cut head. A producer from MTV had to intervene, picking her up off the floor, before shepherding the pair back to the Jersey Shore house.

Video - The Cast Of Jersey Shore Leave Flo Nightclub And Get Into Waiting Taxis

It's not all 'hard work' filming for MTV's Jersey Shore reality TV show in Florence, Itlay. The housemates leave 'Flo' Nightclub and jump into the waiting taxis. You have to spare a thought for the camera man who waited in the tree all night to get us these shots

Video - The Cast Of Jersey Shore Are Followed By Crowds Of Italian Fans As They Try To Film In Florence

The worldwide cultural phenomenon that is MTV's reality television series Jersey Shore is filming in Florence, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. The eight housemates are followed everywhere by their Italian fans. The security men have their hands full trying to keep the fans at a safe distance but still find a few seconds to help an old lady into the shop

Lizzie Cundy and Jersey Shore Wednesday 9th February 2011 Jersey Shore host party to celebrate the show's return to British screens held at Mahiki. London, England

Lizzie Cundy and Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore and Chicago Saturday 18th December 2010 Mike The Situation Sorrentino, star of Jersey Shore, signing copies of Here's the Situation at Borders Books Chicago, USA

Jersey Shore and Chicago
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