Jess Glynne has been banned from partying.

The 'Rather Be' hitmaker, 25, has been forced to put her social life on a back-burner for the time being in order to protect her voice and save her career following emergency surgery on her vocal cords two months ago.

She explained: ''I have to be careful [following surgery]. I just need to make sure I rest my voice. I'm not allowed to go out and party because I'm still in the recovery period.''

The auburn-haired beauty has even decided to take a stand against her record label by turning down the work they are penning her in for because she doesn't want to ''f**k up'' her voice up permanently for the sake of extra projects.

She added to The Sun newspaper: ''The record label is working me pretty hard. They tend to put things in your diary without your consent. But now I'm like, 'No I can't do that.' My attitude is that if you want to f**k up my voice again, then cool, but I'm not prepared to do that.''

Jess underwent the procedure in June after suffering with her voice for a prolonged amount of time and is said to be impressed with the results so far.