Jesse Eisenberg has never seen a superhero movie or a James Bond film.

The 36-year-old star - who has appeared in the likes of 'The Social Network' and 'Zombieland' - is yet to see what the suave spy, currently played by Daniel Craig, gets up to, and he hasn't watched any Superman, Spider-Man or Captain America-led motion pictures either, nor has he experienced 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek' on the big screen.

He said: ''I've never seen a superhero movie or a James Bond movie or a 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' movie.

''My parents would play me Frederick Wiseman sociology documentaries instead.''

Eisenberg's latest role in new movie 'Vivarium' sees him play one half of a couple who become caught in a labyrinth-like array of houses during a property viewing, and he admitted there is ''something slightly appealing'' about being stuck in a different world.

He added to NME magazine: ''There is a slightly bright side to the movie.

''My life is so erratic, which is the nature of a lot people in international entertainment. You wind up in a different place every week and yeah, there is something slightly appealing about what the characters are dealing with in 'Vivarium'.''

Eisenberg recently admitted he loves playing ''nasty'' characters after he grew tired of playing ''sweet'' alter-egos.

He said: ''When I started doing movies, I kept getting sweet, virginal characters. And I didn't want to do that anymore, so I started only taking parts that were confident, nasty people.''