Jesse Eisenberg 'lived on a farm' to prepare for his new film 'Night Moves'.

The 30-year-old plays one of three radical environmentalists in the film alongside Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard, who attempt to destroy a hydroelectric dam as an act of protest.

To prepare for the role, Jesse told Metro that he stayed at a farm in Oregon where a large amount of deforestation takes place.

He said: ''I went up and lived on a farm and stayed with people who are environmentally active. Nobody that blew up a dam or anything that severe, but people who were sympathetic.

''I grew up on the East Coast, and you rarely see trucks pulling tonnes of trees that have been pulled out of the ground but in Oregon, when you're driving on a highway, you pass trucks like that. So I understand how people get passionate about that cause.''

However, the 'The Social Network' star said that he is only an environmentalist in real life due to practical reasons.

He confessed: ''I would say I'm accidentally active. Only because I ride a bike in New York since it's more efficient, and I shop at nice grocery stores because they're the ones that sell organic local produce. So I'm aware and environmentally conscious and probably active but without the intention.''