Jesse Eisenberg found not being friends with Jason Segel ''effective'' for their new movie 'The End Of The Tour'.

The two actors had met only once before they started shooting the film - which focuses on real events involving Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky interviewing author David Foster Wallace before he committed suicide in 2008 - due to Jason's commitments to the TV show 'How I Met Your Mother'.

However, Jesse revealed he thought the fact he didn't know his 35-year-old co-star helped them portray the relationship of the characters in the film.

The 31-year-old 'Social Network' actor said: ''There was no rehearsal, but it was fine.

''I mean, we were not playing long-time friends. Even if we were, we could probably have figured it out. But we were playing people who spent a lot of time figuring each other out and strategizing and being curious about the other person, so it seemed to be effective.''

The 'Adventureland' star went on to admit the 'End Of The Tour' director James Ponsoldt was not as laid back as he'd expected him to be on the set of the film.

Speaking to, Jesse said: ''I thought (he was down-to-earth) too until I worked with him and realized he's a very hard-working guy. He has more enthusiasm than anyone on set.

''In person, I guess he seems like the kind of guy who I would not think to put 15 hours into something in negative ten-degree weather, because he just seems kind of casual, but when it comes to actually making the movie-he's still very sweet and funny, a genial guy-but I think he becomes really focused.''