Jesse Eisenberg thinks performing on stage can be a ''beautiful'' distraction.

The 36-year-old actor admits to suffering from stage fright, but once he's actually on stage and his performance is going well, Jesse is able to relish the experience.

He shared: ''Nothing causes me more stress than doing a live performance.

''I really only act in theatre because I write my plays and I have to get them produced.''

Asked if the productions need his star power to make them commercially viable, Jesse told the Times newspaper: ''Yeah, or it's so specific to me that I have to do it.

''The irony of it is, once you're on stage and the show is going well, there's nothing that's more relaxing. Because you're distracted from your own mind in a beautiful way.

''I always think of the example of a cell phone. When you're on stage, you never once think of checking your phone. But in real life it's become this kind of nervous tic for an entire generation.''

Jesse - who has previously discussed his anxiety and OCD struggles - also revealed how he's coped with the coronavirus lockdown.

The Hollywood star explained: ''I'm much more relaxed than I am during any kind of moment of quiet.

''If you have anxiety and then there's an external crisis, it somehow, you know, provides some balance.''

Jesse has been volunteering every day at a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Indiana during the lockdown.

The movie star has also turned to painting as a means of keeping himself busy amid the health crisis.

He said: ''I've been painting every day for the last four weeks - the same hallway, which tells you something about my painting skills - and just disinfecting stuff.''