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Jesse Mccartney Shaves Head For Soldier Role

Singer Jesse Mccartney took a bold move for his new Tv role in Army Wives by shaving off his beloved locks.The Beautiful Soul hitmaker has joined the U.S. drama as Private Tim Truman, and to...

Doug Reinhardt Dating David Arquette's Mistress?

DOUG REINHARDT, the star of US reality show The Hills, could be dating JASMINE WALTZ after the pair were spotted together at his Hollywood home, reports CBS News. The couple have been romantically linked in...

Mccartney Threatens Legal Action Over 'Naked Photos'

Singer/songwriter JESSE MCCARTNEY is threatening legal action over an internet photo which appears to show the star naked - insisting the picture has been "manipulated by computer software."The Beautiful Soul hitmaker's attorneys have sprung into...

Mccartney Blames Nerves For Botched National Anthem

Singer JESSE MCCARTNEY was left red faced on Sunday (11Oct09) when he forgot the words to America's National Anthem at a NASCAR race in California.The star was performing at the Pepsi 500 in Fontana when...

Mccartney's Baseball Dream

Pop star JESSE MCCARTNEY had to abandon his dream of becoming a baseball player, so he could pursue a music career.The 22 year old is a hugely successful actor, singer and songwriter, but he admits...

Peta Take Aim At Mccartney Over Monkey Brains Confession

Animal activists at PETA have lashed out at pop star JESSE MCCARTNEY after he confessed to eating monkey brains on a recent trip to Asia. The singer/songwriter wasn't fond of the idea of tasting the local...

Mccartney Wrote Bleeding Love About Girlfriend

Singer/songwriter JESSE MCCARTNEY has disclosed the personal inspiration behind LEONA LEWIS' hit single BLEEDING LOVE - he wrote the track about his long distance relationship. The 21-year-old gave the song to the British pop star...

Lewis Claims Mccartney Song

British pop star LEONA LEWIS' first U.S. single was originally intended for JESSE MCCARTNEY's new album. MCCartney and OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder co-wrote Bleeding Love for the U.S. teen pop star - but music moguls...

Jesse Mccartney Punks Akon

US pop pin-up JESSE McCARTNEY got the opportunity to play a prank on rapper AKON recently, after he was caught out on ASHTON KUTCHER's hit show PUNK'D. During a recent episode of the show,...

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