Jesse Metcalfe will only date intelligent women long-term.

The 35-year-old hunk - who has previously romanced Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle - admits he's initially drawn to a lady by the way she looks, but he can't have a lasting relationship with them unless they are clever.

Speaking in an interview with HuffPost Live, he explained: ''As far as being in a relationship with somebody, I've dated in the past some very beautiful women that weren't so smart, and it didn't really keep my attention. So I really look for the total package.''

However, the 'Dallas' star believes his current girlfriend Cara Santana, 30, whom he has been dating since 2009 but briefly split with in 2011, is the perfect woman to be in a long-term relationship with and he admits he wouldn't be able to manage on his own without her.

He explained: ''She [Cara] is just one of the most caring and generous people I've ever met, and she's incredibly intelligent. She keeps our lives and my life in order. I'd be lost without her, I really would.''