Sources close to the Star Wars Episode 7 casting have confirmed that Disney and Lucasfilm has rounded the role of lead Jedi down to five young actors - one of whom will score the biggest movie part in years. With Girls star Adam Driver set to play the primary villain, Jj Abrams and his team have some context in which to cast the good-guy, and have selected their five would-be Jedi's. 

Jesse PlemonsWill Jesse Plemons Get The Star Wars Lead?

After meeting with several actors over the past year, Abrams and his casting directors have chosen Downton Abbey star Ed Speelers, Attack the Block's John Boyega, Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons and theatre actors Matthew James Thomas and Ray Fisher as the final five for the lead role. 

Exact details of the character are vague - like just about everything else concerning Episode VII - but it is believed it will be a Jedi apprentice. The original draft by Michael Arndt was said to focus on Han Solo and Princess Leia's children, though Abrams' rewrite puts their offspring in a supporting role, according to Variety.

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Speelers, a 25-year-old actor from Chichester, England, played the lead role in the 2006 movie in Eragon though is best known for his role in the Emmy and Golden Globe winning Downton Abbey. He certainly appears to possess the physical attributes to play an apprentice Jedi, though one could argue he is too much of a safe choice with more interesting candidates up for the role.

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