Jesse Ventura's publicist has confirmed that the 59-year-old former professional wrestler is considering entering the race for the 2012 Presidential elections as Ron Paul's running mate, reports Fox News.
During a recent interview on Good Morning America, Ventura revealed that he'd be happy to run as Paul's vice if the Republican congressman entered the race as an Independent candidate. The 59-year-old former Governor of Minnesota said, "If Ron Paul runs as an independent, I will give great consideration to being his running mate". Ventura's publicist echoed the comments, saying, "If Paul ran as a Republican, Jesse would run as independent on same ticket. Or if Paul switched to Independent, he would seriously consider it". The former wrestler hit the headlines earlier this week when he appeared on Piers Morgan's 'Tonight' show and accused Dick Cheney of having prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. He said, "They allowed it to happen to further their agenda in the Middle East". 45-year-old Morgan hit back at the accusations, describing them as "madness".
During his interview with Morgan, Jesse Ventura also predicted that Sarah Palin would win the Republican presidential nomination and go head-to-head with Barack Obama at the 2012 elections.