'Sin City' star Jessica Alba learned to her surprise that she had been name-dropped in an Eminem song, despite only awkwardly bumping into him once at a gym. In the track, Eminem refers to Alba as his "wife-to-be", although the two only know each other because Alba entered a gym where Eminem was training while trying to find a friend of hers; director Bille Woodruff.

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Alba explained the strange meeting with the D12 rapper, stating that: "Eminem was in a gym, boxing or something, but I thought my best friend was in there. I come barrelling in all heated because I can't find Bille, and it's like five big dudes, Eminem and an empty gym. Everyone stopped. I was trying to act all casual, looking around this small gym that my best friend obviously wasn't in. Then I just left. That was the only encounter I ever had with him."

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Alba was first made aware of the fact she had been mentioned in the song 'My Band', when her younger brother Joshua informed her. "He said, 'Did you know you're in Eminem's song? I was like, 'Oh!' It was weird, but I thought it was flattering. My agent said, 'Looks like you've made it.'"