Jessica Alba has a ''newfound respect'' for hairdressers after giving her daughters' locks a trim.

The 'Sin City' actress - who has Honor, 11, Haven, eight, and Hayes, two, with her husband Cash Warren - thought it would be ''fun'' to cut her elder kids' hair while stylists are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For help with the cuts, Jessica called celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, who helped ''walk her through'' the process, but she still ended up wounded in several places from her scissors.

In a video posted to YouTube, Jessica showed off her fingers, which were covered with plasters, and wrote: ''This is my first time ever giving my girls haircuts! Honor had to take school pictures so I thought it would be fun to give DIY haircuts at home...

''Scissors are sharp. I cut myself a few times...this one keeps bleeding.''

The 39-year-old star admitted it was a difficult job, made all the more tricky by her wriggly children.

She said: ''[Cutting hair] is really not east. Especially with impatient kids who are NOT trying to sit still.''

She later concluded: ''So much newfound respect for hairstylists!''

While Haven complained it was ''boring just sitting here'', she was pleased with the end result.

She proudly said: ''My mom cut my hair three inches and I like it a lot better because it's more neat and it doesn't have, like, split ends.''

Honor at first worried her mom had made her locks ''uneven''.

However, Jessica reassured her: ''No, it's not uneven. The layers just don't blend the way that I would want them to blend.''

The youngster later admitted she was happy with her new style.

She said: ''My mom curled [my hair] for me and I really like it because it has layers.''