Jessica Alba has fallen in love with Kyoto, Japan following a recent family vacation and now she's acting as the city's unofficial ambassador in a new magazine travel piece.
Asked to describe her perfect getaway for a new Vanity Fair magazine article, the Fantasic Four star coos about Kyoto, revealing she can't wait to return and insisting the place is one of the most romantic places on earth.
She writes, "I fell in love with Kyoto on my most recent vacation to Japan. Between walking the towering bamboo forests, meditating in the beautiful temples, and enjoying the amazing cuisine, I found it all very romantic.
"A friend recommended that we stay at the Hoshinoya Kyoto hotel. It didn't disappoint. The scenery was breathtaking - the hotel felt like a magical place situated high atop the riverbank and nestled between many trees."
Food-fan Alba spent much of her trip photographing the artistic treats she was served in restaurants and posted many of the shots on her Instagram page online.
She adds, "I take my meals seriously. So, I look to eat at local restaurants with fresh dishes that I can't get anywhere else. I had the best dining experience of my life at Okariba, a rustic, intimate restaurant where the chef is an artist and I truly experienced authentic Japanese cuisine. We enjoyed the best of his home-brewed sake, too!"