Jessica Alba went back to acting because she wanted a ''break'' from her business.

The 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' star has ''worn the hat of 'founder of company' for eight years'' and enjoyed getting back onto set for the new series of her show 'L.A.'s Finest'.

She said: ''I've worn the hat of 'founder of company' for eight years and endless back to back meetings about supply chains to operations, it is not glamourous. I just needed a break.''

And when she was asked if she'd prefer to never work again or go for a new audition every single day, whilst making an appearance on Comedy Central's Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz, she insisted: ''Never work again, you learn more about yourself whilst getting rejected.''

Meanwhile, Jessica wants her company to ''value'' areas including ''health, wellness, and stability''.

She said: ''I think if we can do anything for business, we can show that you could have a positive impact on the world, you can put health and wellness and sustainability as a value, you can have honesty and transparency as a value.

''I believe the reason why consumers are choosing Honest over others is because we have those values, not in spite of, and another huge aspect of our business is that we give back. I believe that consumers expect companies to have this type of value embedded in the model. And it shouldn't just be a marketing ploy. It should just be who you are.''

And Jessica said she's keen on being ''very consumer centric'' and making the products her customers need in the moment.

She added: ''When looking around at this new world that we're all living in, we have that direct relationship with the consumer, and they're asking for better solutions for their families when it comes to disinfecting and sanitising and whatnot. So we were able to quickly innovate and create a solution for disinfecting: a disinfecting spray, a sanitising wipe.''