Jessica Alba completes a ''high energy'' workout to hip hop music every morning.

The Hollywood actress and co-founder of eco-friendly household goods brand The Honest Company revealed she feels at her brightest in the mornings after she's trained.

Quizzed on what her morning routine is, she said: ''A high energy workout with a hip hop soundtrack. For breakfast, a banana and coffee, or a matcha green tea smoothie.''

The 35-year-old star often wakes up with her two daughters, seven-year-old Honor and four-year-old Haven, in bed with her and her husband Cash Warren and they get her out of bed when the sun is up.

She said: ''If my daughters end up in bed with me it's getting their feet off my back.''

As well as her hip hop workouts, Jessica stays in shape by taking spin classes and doing yoga and she also makes sure she always has healthy snacks to hand to stop her from being tempted to eat junk food when she's working.

She explained: ''I keep in shape any way I can: hot yoga sculpt, spinning classes, treadmill, circuit training. I have to mix it up.

''(Through the day) I drink plenty of water with sliced lemons and have organic fruit juice sour gummies (in my handbag).''

But Jessica still allows herself a few food guilty pleasures, and she loves dining on caviar on occasions.

She said: ''I love bacon, tequila and caviar. But I'm not guilty about any of them!''