Jessica Alba has earned $2.6 million after The Honest Company went public.

The 40-year-old actress-and-businesswoman co-founded the consumer goods brand - which specialises in clean beauty and baby products - back in 2011 and made an impressive debut on Wall Street this week, with shares soaring to 44 per cent.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the firm made a whopping $412 million IPO and is currently valued at $1.44 billion

As well as being a stakeholder, Alba has 5.6 per cent in shares, valued at $130 million at present.

She told Bloomberg TV: “I feel like I’m in a dream, to be honest. Wow. Is this really happening?

“I’m so grateful to our very loyal community. Thank you for bringing us into your home. Thank you for trusting us with your most precious people, your little people.”

In 2015, The Honest Company - which started out offering natural alternatives to common baby products - expanded to include beauty and skincare products and was valued at $1 billion by Forbes.

Jessica previously said her aim with the firm was to “value” areas such as “health, wellness, and stability”.

The 'Sin City' star explained that "honesty and transparency” come first, because she believes customers expect brands to have those values “embedded into the model”.

She said: “I think if we can do anything for business, we can show that you could have a positive impact on the world, you can put health and wellness and sustainability as a value, you can have honesty and transparency as a value.

“I believe the reason why consumers are choosing Honest over others is because we have those values, not in spite of, and another huge aspect of our business is that we give back.

“I believe that consumers expect companies to have this type of value embedded in the model. And it shouldn't just be a marketing ploy. It should just be who you are.”