Jessica Alba used to be a tomboy.

The 32-year-old actress is known for her enviable curves and pristine looks, but she admits she used to live in sports wear when she was a youngster, whereas her five-year-old daughter Honor is the complete opposite to how she grew up and is the ''mini-me'' version of her now.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: ''I was a tomboy when I was a kid. Honor is like me grown up. It's so bizarre.''

Despite her busy acting career, the brunette beauty is also the founder of The Honest Company - an eco-friendly business which specialises in organically-produced nappies, baby wipes and bath products - and she admits Honor and her two-year-old daughter Haven - who she has with husband Cash Warren - are forever acting as guinea pigs.

She explained: ''Honor loves to clean the counter with our multi-surface cleaner because it smells like grapefruit, and Haven loves to wash her hands. So we now have three different scents, so she's always trying to wash her hands. I'm like, 'All right, enough washing the hands!' ''

Meanwhile, Jessica previously admitted she struggles to find the right balance between work and motherhood and she'd love to get some pointers on how to manage her life better.

She said: ''I'm always compromising something. I'm never 100 per cent with everything all the time. You have to cut yourself some slack. Perfect is being imperfect.''