Sexy actress Jessica Alba had to knock back potent cocktails to get "loose" enough for sexy dance scenes in her new movie HONEY.

The DARK ANGEL star, who grew up a fervent Christian, was horrified when she first saw the costume she'd have to wear for the provocative scene - and couldn't bring herself to put it on.

She explains, "I'm kinda conservative and I'm slightly reserved and there's this one scene where I have to wear this tiny little outfit.

"I was up on the stage and I had to do this dance and there were 50 more crew members than there ever were and they were all men. It was horrible.

"The director asked me if I'd ever had an Incredible Hulk, which is this drink with Courvoisier mixed with Hypnotiq, and I had a couple and I danced. I was loose."

02/12/2003 09:17