Film actress Jessica Biel is set to make a guest turn in the hit US comedy series 'New Girl' later this year.The show, which stars Zooey Deschanel – The Queen Of All Things Quirky TM - is set to return for its fourth season in September. Biel will play “the hottest scientist in the world”, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and will apparently obstruct Deschanel’s character Jess’s attempts to hook up with a guy at a wedding.

New GirlJessica Biel is headed for 'New Girl'

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'New Girl'’s writer Liz Meriwether reportedly decided to break up Jess and her ‘will they / won’t they’ opposite number Nick (played by Jake Johnson) because she finds many more plot possibilities for them as single characters rather than as a couple. The decision to cast Biel as a love rival does appear to be consistent with the new angle of writing.

Prince New Girl
Zooey Deschanel has starred in 'New Girl' since 2011

For Biel, the move is significant as it will represent the first time she’s starred in a TV show since '7th Heaven', the show that lifted her to stardom, ended back in 2007. Back on the big screen, she's due to star in the forthcoming movie Shiva And May, due for release before the end of 2014. In the recent past Biel, who is married to Justin Timberlake, has won plaudits for her roles in Hitchcock and the remake of Total Recall (both 2012).

As for Deschanel, her 'New Girl' duties understandably take up a large part of her schedule, but we wish she’d a) star in more films and b) make another She & Him album. Please.