Jessica Biel has launched an eco-friendly accessories line.

The actress has partnered with her younger brother Justin and his best friend Grason Ratowsky to create a socially responsible yet stylish collection called BARE.

The innovative line uses recycled burlap coffee sacks sourced from all over the world, transforming them into edgy-looking backpacks, totes and purses.

The items are all handmade in Colorado and are retailing at prices ranging from $80 to $320.

The trio got the idea for the project after Grason's father bought him a java bag from Costa Rica, with Justin telling America's Vogue magazine, ''It's really a passion project.''

The 31-year-old old actress has adopted one of the large totes as her go-to accessory and says she can't live without it.

Jessica quipped: ''It's my set bag. It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work.''

The eco-friendly venture seems a fitting project for the 'Total Recall' star, who has been vocal about her lack of fashion acumen in the past, describing herself as a ''tomboy''.

She previously said: ''I've always been that kind of person - constantly playing sports and never really into make-up or fashion, until about five years ago.''