Jessica Biel has praised her ''wonderful partner'' Justin Timberlake.

The 33-year-old actress is thankful her husband - with whom she has five-month-old son Silas - is so supportive of her work, including her new online sex education series.

She told 'Good Morning America': ''Well, he supports everything that I do and that's why I think he's a wonderful partner.

''And we should just be able to talk and laugh and learn together.''

Jessica and her friend Saundra Pelletier's video series launch this week on website Funny or Die and the 'Total Recall' actress thinks it was the best platform to reach as many people as possible.

She said: ''I mean that's really how we want to speak about this issue and share this issue with everyone. Because we want to take it out of the shadows.

''We don't want women's reproductive health issues to be hidden under stigma or taboos anymore. And how best to reach all demographics. Can we please laugh about this crazy stuff that happens to us?''

Jessica previously admitted one of the reasons why she decided to work on the video series was when she realised she didn't know what would happen to her body before she got pregnant.

She said: ''[I thought] Now what happens? I've been on the pill for so long; how hard will it be to get pregnant?

''Suddenly I realised I really didn't know what's going on inside my own body. It was shocking.''