Amid all the controversy that has arisen in response to the appalling video allegedly shown at the newly-wed's wedding last week, it's a pleasure to report that Jessica Biel may not be a Biel for that much longer, opting to legally take her husband's name. 

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel tied the knot last week in a lavish Italian wedding, with celebrations spanning almost an entire week. To further show her love and loyalty to her singer/actor husband, she has chosen to legally change her name to 'Timberlake', though she will still use 'Biel' professionally, probably to avoid any confusion in the future. She thinks she's 'really won the jackpot of names' by taking on Timberlake, reports Today Entertainment. We doubt that Justin offered to change his name to Biel, but he did pen an original song and perform it as she walked down the aisle. 

Most actresses choose to keep their name, these days in line with feminism and all that jazz. However there are a select few that have opted to take on their partner's name. Courtney Cox-Arquette chose to double up after marrying David Arquette (although she's returned to just Cox after their divorce), famously Victoria Beckham took on David Beckham's name (her original surname was 'Adam's, Beckham is a great improvement) and Katy Perry made mistake of taking on Brand during her short lived marriage to Russell Brand. We just hope that Jessica will be able to keep Timberlake for the rest of her life, though, given the stats of the above marriage, 2 out of every three marriages fail.