Jessica Biel is set to co-star in the upcoming SACHA GERVAISI release Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho according to In the same vein as the Oscar nominated My Week With Marilyn, the upcoming release will follow the filming process of Alfred Hitchcock's widely acclaimed 1960 thriller classic with Biel undertaking the role of Vera Miles, the actress who portrayed the film's heroine Lila Crane.

The inclusion of the future Mrs Timberlake is but one of the big names set to feature in the upcoming release, with Scarlett Johansson set to portray actress Janet Leigh whose turn as Marion Crane featured the infamous shower scene now firmly imbedded into celluloid history. Anthony Hopkins will depict Hitchcock, with Helen Mirren playing his wife, Alma. W.E. star JAMES D'ARCY is currently the frontrunner to portray Norman Bates actor Anthony Perkins. D'Arcy will be the seventh actor to portray the Bates character initially made famous by Perkins, with Vince Vaughn perhaps being the most notable actor to reprise the role as he did for the 1998 GUS VAN SANT remake.

With filming beginning in April, you will next be able to see Biel in the remake of the Schwarzenegger smash-hit Total Recall opposite Colin Farrell in the summer. Directed by Len Wiseman, the mastermind behind the Underworld franchise, the Total Recall remake is slated for release in August.