Jessica Biel has ''no airs or graces about her'', according to co-star Kaya Scodelario.

The former 'Skins' actress stars alongside the A-list beauty in 'The Truth About Emanuel' and admits she was quickly put at ease by Biel after initially worrying who would be cast in the co-starring role.

She explained: ''I was really lucky, actually. Before I knew who had been cast, I was quite worried that they'd get a big celebrity who wouldn't connect with me, or wouldn't want to speak to me, or who was too busy worrying about what they looked like or what they were wearing. But the second I met Jessica, she was a real person, straight away. There were no airs or grace about her. She's very professional.''

The co-stars, who play neighbours that develop a bond, also became friends off-screen and Biel - who is married to actor-and-singer Justin Timberlake - even gave her young colleague advice.

Scodelario told ''She had such a difficult part to play, but she still took the time, in between takes, to talk to me about my life, to reassure me, to answer some of my questions, and to give me some advice. It was the perfect relationship.''