Jessica Ennis-Hill doesn't discuss weight in front of her children.

The 34-year-old athlete revealed that she and her husband Andy Hill are careful about what they say in front of their kids - Reggie, five and Olivia, two - because they don't want them to grow up with a negative body image.

Jessica explained to ''The way my husband and I talk about food and how we view our bodies is so important. Your parents are your world when children are young, and they absorb everything we do and say. It's so important that we are creating a positive body image environment for them.

''I don't weigh myself in front of my children. We don't talk about being fat or wanting to lose weight. It's about wanting to exercise to feel good and the positives of it rather than the negatives.''

Jessica also encouraged people to be kind to themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic and advised taking small steps on their fitness journeys.

She said: ''People are often too unrealistic about what they are trying to set themselves to achieve. Inevitably, a lot of people go too hard too quick, fail, [their] motivation drops, and they just walk away. You have to be really measured and realistic in how you approach goals. Try and do little bits of exercise as often as you can, and make fitness work around you. Fit in small bits of 10-15 minutes training, to remind your body of what it can do. I think people take on too much too soon. Take small steps at a time. I will exercise, but I'll still have a glass of wine on a Friday. Start with one thing - that way you are more likely to succeed at it.''