When you've achieved as much as 26 year-old Jessica Ennis has in the last week or so, you'd be forgiven for just wanting to chill out with a good holiday read. That's exactly what the Olympic heptathlon champion wants to do, apparently and she's already chosen the book of the moment as her next piece of reading fodder. Yep, you guessed it; now that Jessica Ennis can afford to get a little distracted from her training, she's going to get her hands on a copy of 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'
Ennis told the Evening Standard that she hasn't even sat down with her coach to plan the next phase of her training yet and she's got her sights on a holiday, where she intends to chill out and read all of EL James' best-selling trilogy. "We're going to book a holiday. Somewhere on a beach, really quiet, and just do nothing and read a book. I'm going to read Fifty Shades of Grey," she revealed. "All my friends and literally everyone I speak to is reading it. So I'm going to buy all three of them and read them on holiday."
Jess made the comments whilst she enjoyed a rare night of celebration, sipping champagne with her fiance Andy Hill at Omega House in Soho. The Sheffield lass may have been enjoying a stylish night out in the capital, resplendent in an Alexander McQueen dress but she stressed that she's a Northern lass, at heart: "It's great to be enjoying London like this but I'm a northern girl and I love living up there," she told the reporter.