Jessica Hynes – as one of the more talented and self-aware actors in Britain today – allowed herself a ‘free pass’ when she picked up the Royal Television Society award for Best Comedy Performance ahead of Ruth Jones and Fresh Meat star Jack Whitehall.

"How can anybody judge Ruth Jones, Jack Whitehall, Jessica Hynes, how do you f***ing judge that? I really don’t know. By height?" she said. "I am massively honoured to be awarded this really weighty award," Hynes continued. "For heaven’s sake, Ruth Jones, what an extraordinary comedian she is. What a f**king woman she is, to go from character, comedy, to drama to, y'know, rejuvenating the film industry in Cardiff."

Jessica HynesShe might look all smiley, but she'll swear your face off - Hynes

Gesturing towards Steven Moffat who was on a nearby table, Hynes said, "Along with Doctor Who, obviously. They mainly do that. But Ruth did it as well. It's phenomenal to be in an award category with her. And Jack Whitehall." Now it’s hard to emphasize how she said the name Jack Whitehall using words alone. But perhaps if we told you how much the audience laughed when she said his name, you’d get it. They laughed. "No, I do like Jack, but: you are young and you are male. No, you are quite funny, you are quite funny. You got a long f***ing way to go, a long way to go my friend. But yeah. Not bad. You’re OK," she said.

But the swearing didn’t stop there; in fact, it had barley begun. She went onto say: "I love television, I love it and everyone goes on about film. They are like: 'Films.' F*** film. F*** films. 'Oh, I make a film, I make a film': f*** them... Television is my f***ing heart. I love it. I love it." The audience enjoyed Hynes’ speech with such great enthusiasm, that "f*** film" would become the night’s catchphrase.