Besides being the most aptly named episode of American Horror Story so far  – several characters literally went to hell – last night's Go To Hell also finally laid out some of this season’s mechanics, like those infamous Seven Wonders we’ve been hearing so much about. And do we even need to say it? Spoilers ahead. So many spoilers.

Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange
With Fiona (Jessica Lange) and three other characters biting the dust in this episode, things are hitting the fan.

"Every generation needs its leader, the Supreme. No simple test could ever determine the sovereign among us. We rely upon seven,” we learn from a handy witchcraft tutorial. Those seven turn out to be telekinesis, concilium (controlling someone else’s mind), transmutation (transporting oneself to another location), divination (to see the future), vitalum vitalis (to bring a person back from the dead), descensum (to move between life and the afterlife) and pyrokinesis (to control fire with the mind). This means that whoever gets to be the Supreme (Fiona was betting on Queenie in this episode) will have to perform all three during a ceremony in the next and final episode.

Meanwhile, we said goodbye to a total of four characters (all of the good ones, too), as each wound up in their personalized form of hell. With Marie Laveau newly mortal again, it was obviously time for the writers to off her and they did it in the most appropriate way – with Delphine also dying at the hand of Queenie and being forced to spend eternity alongside the voodoo queen. To atone for their sins (and for, you know, selling their souls and all that) the two are trapped in Delphine’s attic of horrors, with Marie being forced to kill her nemesis’ daughters over and over again, while Delphine watches. It was gruesome as… well, as hell, but there was still worse to come.

Angela Bassett, Golden Globes
Angela Bassett's voodoo witch Marie Laveau was one of the best characters. "Was" being the keyword.

Fiona got a decidedly less poetic goodbye, being chopped to pieces by the Axeman and thrown to the gators – no one saw that coming, right? Let’s see Misty Day try to fix this one. Then, in some form of twisted justice, the Axeman himself gets stabbed repeatedly by a coven of witches, before he gets the chance to off them himself. Yet another reminder that you never want to get on a teenage witch’s bad side.

Matters got more complicated as Queenie flexed her brand new powers and returned Misty from the grave and Zoe ditched the simple life with Kyle to return to the coven, meaning there is still an (almost) full set of witches in the running for the supremacy. So with that, the stage is set for next week’s episode and the big reveal.

Taissa Farmiga, The Bling Ring PremiereGabourey Sidibe
All that's left is for the Supreme to be revealed in the final episode.