American Horror Story has taken convoluted and bizarre to a whole new level. Season 3, Episode 7 entitled 'The Dead' aired on Wednesday night (20th November).

Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange
Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange star in American Horror Story: Coven as Cordelia and her mother Fiona.

Madison (Emma Roberts) is back from the dead, thanks to Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), and is struggling to feel anything. She overeats, takes drugs and finally ends up in the arms of Kyle (Evan Peters). Kyle is still unable to speak and has discovered, owing to numerous tattoos around his body, that he is made up of his fraternity brother's body parts. Zoe considers killing Kyle, concerned he is a danger after killing his sexually abusive mother, but changes her mind. She attempts to communicate with Kyle but he is reduced to being a comfort for both Madison and Zoe simultaneously.

Zoe has also been busy discovering who killed Madison and she is forced to enchant Spaulding's (Denis O'Hare) tongue in order to force him to tell the truth. He reveals Fiona (Jessica Lange) killed Madison and Zoe kills him in return for his honesty. Zoe discovers Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) attempting to navigate her way around the house and, after Zoe reveals the truth about Fiona, they decide to kill the Supreme. Cordelia suggests Zoe may well be the next supreme but only if Fiona is out of the picture.

Taissa Farmiga
Taissa Farmiga stars in AHS as Zoe.

Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) and Delphine (Kathy Bates) appear to be forming a connection until Queenie visits Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett). Laveau offers Queenie a deal: she can live in her coven in exchange for Queen delivering Delphine. Queen seems unwilling to betray Delphine until she questions the "immortal racist" on her crimes in the LaLaurie house. Delphine reveals she had her husband's illegitimate son killed and his blood used in one of her face marks. Queen is horrified and decides to give Delphine to Laveau. 

Meanwhile, Fiona is dallying with The Axe Man (Danny Huston). He reveals, as ghost, he spent years watching and protecting her. Although initially appalled Fiona, who is ailing rapidly, eventually returns to The Axe Man. 

We're now over halfway through the third season of the FX drama and the show has been renewed for a fourth season. Suggestions were made that the next season will be a spin off from Coven, yet these have now been quashed as creator Ryan Murphy has discussed the next season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The next season's location will be revealed in later episodes of this season. Murphy said the next season will not be set in the same world as Coven, he stated "It's not contemporary," and added "It's either going to shoot in New Orleans or it's going to shoot in Santa Fe."

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
Off-screen couple Emma Roberts and Evan Peters both star in the show as, respectively, a resurrected witch and a fraternity boy.