Jessica Simpson is "all over the place" following her love split.

The 29-year-old singer-and-actress was stunned when her American football player boyfriend Tony Romo ended their relationship last week, and she can't come to terms with the separation.

A source said: "Jessica was really blindsided. She's sad, mad, and confused. Her emotions are all over the place.

"She is holding up OK. She is with her family. They are - as always - very supportive of her."

It has been claimed the relationship broke down due to the intense pressure the pair were under, with their romance continually being scrutinised.

The source explained: "Dating her comes along with her celebrity and that's not easy for anyone. But she and Tony seemingly had it figured out. They rolled with the punches and focused on each other. They just lost sight of that at the end."

It has also been claimed Tony tired of Jessica - who was criticised for her new fuller figure earlier this year - because she had too many insecurities she needed reassurance about.

Another source told People magazine: "He wanted this perfect mould of the perfect football girlfriend. People don't realise that Jessica has been worn down by Hollywood. She has insecurities and inner demons that she struggles with. She's not some upbeat blond cheerleader that people want her to be."

Tony is believed to have dumped Jessica on the eve of her 29th birthday after discovering text messages from her ex-lover John Mayer.

A source said: "They were hanging out and he picked up her phone and she got defensive about it. Tony found messages from John and went ballistic."

While Jessica has kept a low-profile since the split, Tony has been seen on a string of nights out at nightclubs including Los Angeles' MyHouse and the Key Club.