Jessica Simpson might be on extended maternity leave from performing, but she took a chance to remind everyone that she’s still got it and she always has. This week, Simpson tweeted the ultimate #tbt (that’s Twitter speak for Throwback Thursday, for all you non-netizens,) a video of herself, performing The Music and the Mirror in her high school production of A Chorus Line, Yahoo!Omg! reports. And she performs the heck out of it, with belting, high kicks and pirouettes galore. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Yes, the caption “ultimate Throwback Thursday” seems highly appropriate for this post. It isn’t clear when the clip was recorded, but one thing is obvious – Simpson sure can perform. Her rendition would make Donna McKechnie proud. We get it, Jessica. You’re a performer at heart.

Unfortunately, the singer who rocked the daisy dukes like no other, will have to stay away from the stage a while longer, what with her second baby due to be born any day now. Which is a bit unfortunate, since, as the video shows, Broadway has clearly been missing out on some untapped talent in the face of the “Public Affair” singer. Oh well, maybe she’ll have some more time for the stage, once she’s done having kids.

Jessica Simpson, Twitter Image
Simpson is currently on hiatus, in preparation for the birth of her second baby.

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