Nicole Scherzinger made her former The Pussycat Dolls band member Jessica Sutta ''work hard''.

The 34-year-old musician - who is known for making up one sixth of the girl band alongside Nicole, Carmit Bachar, 42, Ashley Roberts, 35, Melody Thornton, 32, and Kimberly Wyatt, 35 - has revealed the 38-year-old brunette beauty helped her to improve her vocals throughout her time in the group.

Speaking to Billboard about the tips and support she received from 'The X Factor' judge, she said: ''I learned a lot from Nicole [Scherzinger]. She made me work hard, because my voice wasn't where it's at today.''

This news comes as the vocalist has recently launched her debut solo album 'I Say Yes', and she has revealed the title was inspired by the lack of support about her music career and the constant set backs when people told her not to go it alone.

The star has revealed she had to ''kill'' her former ''confused and broken'' self and be ''reborn'' to start her new career.

Jessica - who is also known as J Sutta - explained: ''I didn't realise how destructive alcohol was. I was confused and broken, and it was like I had to kill that part of me and be reborn.''