Jessie J vowed to shave her famous locks for charity after a heartbreaking meeting with a group of seriously ill children.
The Price Tag hitmaker told last year (11) how she was planning to go totally bald to raise cash for a good cause, and the stunt is set to take place next month (Apr12).
The British pop star has now revealed the incident that prompted her to take the drastic step, and she's adamant she can't wait to get the clippers out - because she's sick of her iconic black bob hairstyle.
She tells the Daily Mail, "I'm doing it because I met some kids who had cancer, and I thought, 'Why not?' I can't wait to get rid of the-girl-with-the-bob. It's too harsh. I think that image helped me make an impact, but it's time for it to go.
"I want to see what people make of me - someone who's supposedly all about image - without it. I don't want to be a showhorse... I feel my hair's become more recognisable than my music in some places."