Clearly, 'Bang Bang' is coming at the perfect time for all three of these girls - so it would kind of be a bummer if the song totally sucked, right? Luckily, it's going to shoot up to number one with ease. The track features a verse from Jessie, Grande, and Nicki, with a huge chorus that's predominately handled by Jessie J, making it clear why it'll be on her record's main track listing and just Grande's deluxe version. Minaj offers a hard hitting rap verse that's in tune with the rest of her work recently, and the song is undeniably addicting in the best way possible. The vocal performances are amazing, and it's easily the best tune out of any of the girls' recent singles.

Nicki Minaj PerformingNicki Minaj drops one of her best verses lately in 'Bang Bang'

How did the song end up happening, anyway? According to an A&R rep, Wendy Goldstein, it mostly had to do with producer Max Martin's daughter loving Grande's music. "He has a young daughter that’s a huge Ariana fan," Goldstein said. Martin commented on it, stating, 'I’ve never seen my daughter excited about someone that I’ve worked with, and that’s really saying something." So, if the song does hit number one, does this mean his daughter is entitled to royalities? Probably not. But I think she at least deserves a pony.

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