Pop star Jessie J has brushed off criticisms of her performance on Britain's The X Factor on Sunday (27Nov11), confessing she was "pitchy" but declaring: "I'm not perfect."
The Price Tag hitmaker sang her new single Who You Are on the show and fans flooded to social networking sites to air their thoughts on her appearance.
One Twitter.com follower wrote, "Jessie j has so little going for her, genuinely no idea why she's become so popular", while another added, "Can you explain to me why you sang it as flat as f**k?"
Jessie J has addressed the controversy, telling fans she's "growing and learning" as she tackles high-profile performances.
In a post on her Twitter blog, she writes, "Its funny that people that follow you tweet you but don't (tell) you when there (sic) slagging you off. I Was pitchy last night and its the first thing I said when I came off stage.
"The track was so low in my ears I couldn't hardly hear it (sic). I am a realist and I'm Not perfect. I'm growing and learning.
"The pressure to be perfect 24:7 is unfair on All artists. I over sang at points yes I wasn't in tune the whole song yes and I'm confident to put that out there. Its important to know your qualities but also know where things can be improved. I don't wanna be an artist put in a bubble, but I will say this...To date I've never mimed or lip synced. That I'm proud of."