Jessie J didn't want to get the role in 'Ice Age: Collision Course' because of her music career.

The 28-year-old singer songwriter - who is set to star in the children's animated film as ground sloth Brooke - has admitted she didn't want to get the part as the love interest of franchise regular Sid (John Leguizamo) because of her successful music career but because she truly ''deserves it''.

During an interview on US TV show 'Live With Kelly', the 'Price Tag' hitmaker said: ''I did an hour's audition and tried to find a voice they liked. I didn't want to get it because of the music I've done. I want to get it because I deserve it.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty has admitted she is ready to leave 'The Voice Australia' because she wants to focus on her music career, and finds it hard to balance the two.

She explained: ''I love doing the show ['The Voice']. I've done four seasons - two in the UK and two in Sydney. But I just need to make another album.

''It's really time-consuming, and if I'm honest with you, I get to the point where I'm in the chair, and I just want to sing. 'I want to tell you how to make it better, I want to coach you, but I want to make it a duet' ... I'm ready to write another album.''