Jessie J finds says the online abuse she gets from fans is ''scary''.

The 'Price Tag' singer has actively decided not to read all her Twitter comments because she finds the personal attacks very hurtful, especially when she's coping with a heart condition and managing the problem to perform for her fans.

In an interview with Time Out magazine, she said: ''It's hard. I still have a heart deficiency and have days where I struggle. The fans don't get that sometimes. The abuse you get if you have to cancel a show ... It's scary.

''With social media, young people use words of hatred so flippantly now. It's either 'I LOVE YOU!' or 'I HATE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO DIE'. There is no middle ground. Everything's an extreme because people want to be noticed ...

''I tend not to read my social media timeline as much as I used to, because I try to lead a very positive life and Twitter can be quite dark sometimes.''

The 25-year-old star hates being hounded by fans in public when she's trying to go about her daily life, especially when she's in a compromising situation, and those moments make her lose ''faith'' in humanity.

She quipped: ''In summer 2011, I broke my foot while filming an advert. I got rushed to A&E, and as I was being pushed into a room, people were filming and taking photos. That's the bit I hate. Those are the moments when I lose faith in the public.

''At the time I was just thinking: you've not bought a ticket to come and see me right now, please understand that this is a very personal moment. Even a doctor asked for my autograph.''