Jessie J hasn't had a drink since October 15, 2012.

The 'Wild' singer can remember the exact date she last touched booze and claims she only ever drinks on very special occasions because alcohol leaves her lethargic and she worries it might ruin her career.

The 25-year-old star said: ''Even one glass of wine every now and again used to just make me tired. Made my skin tired, made my voice tired. How crap would [people's] day be if I turned up hungover and miserable and not wanting to talk?''

The hard-working singer insists she's no diva and doesn't have any household help, preferring to tackle her menial chores herself on her days off.

She told the UK's Glamour magazine: ''I do my own washing, I've got to empty the dishwasher, I need to clean my fridge and love having ironing to do. I'm normal, I go into my house and I want to tidy up, hang pictures on the wall and the boiler man's coming. I've got to take my dog to the vet.

''That fills my day off and then I need a day under the duvet to watch films and actually rest my body. You've got to work hard if you want this.''

Despite being blasted by critics for allegedly being high-maintenance backstage on 'The Voice' UK, Jessie - who has now left the show - is adamant she would never be rude when she's working because her parents taught her to be professional and polite from a young age.

She explained: ''That's just not how I am and not how I was brought up. My mum and dad are the most respectful, most incredible people that I've ever met and I suppose I've just always looked up to them. They've always handled themselves in business very charmingly and that's how I always wanted to be.''