Jessie J's claw-like nails are inspired by her grandmother.

The 'Price Tag' singer is famed for her long talons and admits she originally became obsessed with crazy nail art and razor-sharp tips thanks to her quirky gran, who loves all things green.

Jessie explained: ''My nan, ever since I can remember, has had long pointy nails. And she loves green. Everything [she has] is green - her bathroom, her clothes. If she could have green hair, she would. She's obsessed with green.

''She saw me on 'The Voice' with green nails, and she said to me, 'I want them'. She definitely gave me a love of long nails.''

While she is protective of her fingernails, Jessie doesn't worry so much about her teeth, using them to pull open fizzy drink cans to avoid breaking a nail.

She joked to The Hunger magazine: ''I can get this part of my finger [the tip] under the ring. Or I use my teeth, which I know is bad. But when you need a can of Sprite, you need a can of Spite.''