Jessie J is giving up wearing high-heels.

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker suffered a broken left foot earlier this year and she now plans to ditch stacked shoes because the injury has made her value comfort over style.

She said: "The best fashion lesson I've learnt is don't wear shoes you can't walk in because it ruins your night. Believe me, since I broke my foot and haven't been able to wear heels, my legs aren't achy.

"I don't think I'll wear heels again. I might just get some really blinged up Skechers trainers."

Jessie - who injured her foot by jumping off a stage during a concert rehearsal - is known for her outrageous fashion choices but no matter how wacky her clothes seem, the pop star always ensures her outfits are practical.

She told Now magazine: "My fashion mantra is always wear something you can go to the toilet in. I need to remember that."

The singer enjoys pushing the boundaries of style, but she has no plans to copy other female fashionistas like Lady GaGa and Gwen Stefani.

She added: "I'm 23 so I like pushing boundaries, but not to the point that I'll go to an awards ceremony in a meat dress or as a Harajuku girl.

"People compare me to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj but I'm nothing like them at all."