Of all the contestants appearing on it, it seems that it's Jessie J who's getting the most out of new Bbc reality TV show 'The Voice,' the star first of all gaining much of the critics' plaudits for being the best of the coaches and now, apparently, lining herself up to collaborate with one of her fellow judges in legendary Welsh singer sir Tom Jones.
Jessie reported told a forthcoming issue of More Magazine that the collaboration was on the cards, "Yes definitely," said Jessie when asked if she would consider working with any of the other stars on 'The Voice.' "Your career is about moments and things that inspire you, and all three of them are amazing artists," she added. "I'd be honoured to work with any of them. I'd love to collaborate with Tom especially, and I think that will happen very soon." We wonder if Tom knows much about it, the venerable singer still looked like he's struggling to get to grips with the fast-paced nature of 'The Voice' each time the camera zooms in on him at the weekend so we probably shouldn't expect a reaction from him anytime soon.
Jessie J however is winning everyone over, even Simon Cowell, who is rumoured to be lining up the star for the new series of the X Factor.